This flight departs our dock in Naples, Maine and goes over beautiful Long Lake, Brandy Pond,
 and Sebago Lake.  While in the air you will also see Sebago Point, the famous Songo Locks,
 Sebago Lake State Park, the surrounding foothills, and majestic Mount Washington.
 Duration: 15-18 minutes   {Adult price $70 and child (3-12yr) $45}       
 After taking off on Long Lake, you will fly over the historical town of Naples.  Views of Pleasant
 Mountain and the White Mountains can be seen in the distance as you circle back over Brandy
 Pond and land back at our dock.
 Duration: 8-10 minutes   {Adult price $50 and child (3-12yr) $35}

 Tour of Naples Flight
 25 Mile Ride
  We offer three different 50 mile flight routes:  (option 1) a tour of the grand
 Sebago Lake, (option 2) an unforgettable visit to the foothills of the White Mountains or
 (options 3)a breathtaking fly-over of several western Maine lakes.
 Duration: 30 minutes   {Adult price $110 and child (3-12yr) $70}

 Option 1:  The Sebago Lake tour is a flight around the coastline of the pristine Sebago Lake,
 and includes views of Nasons beach, Long beach, Fryes Leap cliffs, Frye Island, Songo Locks,
 Point Sebago as well as Panther Pond and Thomas Pond.

 Option 2:  The White Mountain foothill tour is our favorite flight.  It goes over Long Lake,
 Highland Lake, Kezar Pond and around Pleasant Mountain.  Additional highlights of the flight
 are the Hemlock Covered Bridge, the picturesque Fryeburg Harbor fields with the winding
 Saco River going through them, the Brownfield Bog, and Grainger, Hancock and Peabody Ponds.

 Option 3:  The Western Maine Lake tour begins by flying to the north end of Long Lake and
 passing over the quaint town of Harrison, and on to Thompson Lake, Crescent Lake,
 Panther Pond, Thomas Pond, the Songo Locks, and Brandy Pond.

 Our Early Bird Special is available during the summer season with all 25 mile flights Monday to
 Saturday between 9am and 10am at 15% off.    A minimum of either 2 adult passengers or 1 adult
 and 1 child is required.  The early bird special cannot be combined with any other discounted rate.

 Our Custom Flights can extend within a 25 mile radius of our dock or yours.  Please call us at
 207-232-2594 for availability and pricing.

 Our Group Rates of 15% off per passenger is available for groups of 7 or more.

 *All discounts are separate.*

Custom Rates
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 50 Mile Ride
For same day bookings please call 207-232-2594.