seaplane on Long Lake

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should we bring a mask?
Per Governor Mills current regulations for the State of Maine, we are required to have our passengers  
 wear a mask during all flights.
How early should we arrive?
  Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before the time of your scheduled flight.  If you arrive after                 
  your scheduled time, we will try to fit you in as soon as there is an opening in the flight schedule.

 Is there a minimum/maximum number of passengers?
 We can take a solo passenger but there is a minimum two passenger (1adult/1 child) fare charged if
 no other passengers are on the flight.
 We can seat up to a maximum of 5 passengers.

 Is there an individual or combined weight limit?
 Our individual weight limit is 325lbs.
 Our combined passenger weight limit is 725lbs.

 Will we be the only ones in the seaplane?
 Unless you reserve all of the seats in the airplane, we may place other passengers in the same flight.

 How is seating arranged?
 Per FAA regulations passengers are to be arranged in a weight and balanced manner.  We will try as
 much as possible to seat family members together.  Every seat is a window seat and has excellent viewing.

 When is the best time to fly?
 Generally speaking the morning and evenings are the calmest times of day to fly. Cloudy with a
 high overcast layer of clouds equals calm air, so give us a call if it is cloudy and you are unsure whether
 we will be flying.

 Do we have a cancellation policy?
 Flights that are not cancelled 3 hours prior to scheduled time will be charged the full fare of the flight.
 If we need to cancel the flight due to inclement weather or heavy boat traffic, we will give you a complete
 refund or we can reschedule your flight.